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Hey, I love my stuff! So this page will be all about the "stuff" I use on a regular basis. From the absolute necessary gear (bike, running shoes, and such) to somewhat less necessary gear (PowerTap) to what I eat and so on and so forth. 

(I'll update this page with details, links, and pictures soon)

Specialized Tarmac 
I got this bike in September 2008. My very first own real road bike. And a great bike it is!
Here is the beauty in church at the Ride2Survive in 2010:

Cervelo P2
Having committed to Ironman Canada in 2011, I got myslef a proper tri bike in December 2010 I got the 2011 Cervelo P2. I cannot believe that I have not yet taken a proper picture of it! In any case, here a found image: 

Totally love this bike but have not taken it outside as of posting this page. 

Trek FX 7.1
I used to have some bike when I first came to Canada but as I got older and lazier I have not even considered biking. Then we moved back to downtown and decided that we only need one car. So I sold my car and bought a bike instead to get me around town. That was in the summer of 2007 and I still love that bike. Its got disk breaks, does not seem to need much maintenance and is an all-in-all comfortable and reliable bike. And hard to believe... but I don't have a pic of that bike either -- can't even find a relevant stock image of it. 

Garmin 310XT
I have been obsessed with Speed+Distance watches since I started running and training for my first marathon. I had two Timex S+D watches with where you had to wear the GPS on your arm and if you wanted to record you had to wear another piece of equipment. Then I got into Garmin and had the 305, the 405, and now finally the 310XT. And I am sure that in the near future I am getting the 310XT with the touch screen (pssst! don't tell Esthi!). I really like the 310XT a lot and in fact quite like Garmin. Their products seem to be quite well designed for use. However, they do seem to break down quite a bit and Garmin's customer support is simply atrocious! Or non-existent or what whatever you want to call it. 

PowerTap Pro+
With the Cervelo P2 I decided to go with a PowerTap Pro+ power meter. Of course I am telling myself that I got this for the training and racing benefits. And I kind of did, but I also got it because I am simply a data whore! Just love all those numbers and figures and whatnot. More often than not I don't even know how to make sense of all of them, but I love to see it anyway. 

TrainingPeaks and WKO+
To try to make the most of the power data I know have I use WKO+. And to record everything and anything else about my training I use the corresponding TrainingPeaks software. I really like that I can have all in one place and enter all my planned training sessions and then update them with the actuals either manually or by simply uploading the data from my Garmin 310XT. Even for those times that I want to record my nutrition, TP is great as the database of foods is really extensive. Trust me on this, I have used quite a few systems for nutrition recording before and they all fall apart in the foods database and/or how cumbersome it is to enter new food items. TP does this very well. 

Garmin Connect
Of course I use in parallel to TrainingPeaks the Garmin Connect website. Mostly because it is almost automatic when I put my watch on the charging clip and the data is uploaded. It is also much nicer to share your workouts with anyone via Garmin Connect that it is via TrainingPeaks. 

Infinit Nutrition
I used to do the gels but ended up not being able to stand them any longer. Somehow I came across Infinit Nutrition, tried it and am now completely sold on it. I use a custom formula for both the bike and the run and love it. I can handle it very easily and am finally starting to hydrate properly. I don't use it for recovery, for that I use... 

Organic 1% Chocolate Milk
Plain and simple! The best recovery drink there is IMHO. I do have to admit that I am buying the individual 240ml TetraPaks at Costco and thus am really bad for the environment. But I love the convenience of just being able to chuck them into my bag and not having to worry about mixing anything or all that stuff. 

When I don't really need any additional calories and/or carbohydrates but just need to make sure I am hydrating properly and water alone is getting a little bland, I love Nuun. I am OK with pretty much any flavour as they are all quite artificially tasting. That is probably because they are quite artificial... Recently I came across Kona Kola. Come on... it has the name "Kona" in it! Gotta have it. Quite the odd taste, but not unpleasant. 

Mostly when I go swimming I like a good energy drink and for that I have found nothing better than the GU2O Blueberry Pomegranate.  

BlueSeventy Nero RZR Goggles
Not sure what it is about these goggles but I they are the only ones (from the ones I tried) that I really like. Now they seem to be hard to find. I asked my LTS (Local Triathlon Store), SpeedTheory, to try and get me some in, but have not had any luck yet. Soon I need to find new ones as my current pair is on their last leg. Sure, I have a handfull of other goggles that have accumulated over time and can and will wear those when needed, but I really want my Nero's! 

Aqua Sphere Ironman Icon

Triathlon Shoes

Running Shoes

Various bars

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