Saturday, July 9, 2011


Or at least I hope so... still coughing a bit and the nose hasn't quite stopped running either.

After last Friday's 4k Canada Day Swim Challenge I went down like a ton of bricks. Got really sick and stayed the rest of the beautiful long weekend in bed. The thing is that I sort of felt it coming on for quite some time, but it was never really here or gone. As of Friday afternoon it was here alright!

On Monday I went to work only to attend one meeting and pick up my laptop. Then I worked from home the rest of the week except Thursday and generally feeling quite lousy.

Obviously I missed a lot of workouts. Specifically a 6 hour ride with 30 min brick run on Saturday and a 2:45 hour run on Sunday. I did every day at least one session more or less well but that barely kept me from getting completely rusty.

The good thing is I suppose my body recovered rather well then. Today I embarked on the missed 6 hour ride instead of doing the recovery 3 hour ride. Going more or less all easy I did 180 km in the 6 hours! NICE! I am very pleased with that. I was also pleased with the 30 min brick run at the end of it as I managed to keep a 5:30 min/km pace.

Interesting was that I ended riding all by myself - albeit in perfect riding weather. A bit boring, but good practice for IMC and super efficient time management. Only about 20 min add-on time over the 6 hours for pit-stops and traffic lights and such.

Now I am quiet knackered though... Just wolfed down a few slices of left-over pizza and am now ready for a shower and a coffee.

Tonight: enjoy the weather on a patio for dinner with Esther and a glass of vino tinto (or two).
Tomorrow: 2:45 run after a good sleep-in.

Thanks for checking in!

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