Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 Weeks? Really??

Holy Cow! Has it really been seven weeks since I last posted...? Yes it has!

That is simply pretty lame and quite inexcusable. Well, maybe it is excusable... After all, I have been training hard, and working hard, and last but not least, supporting the Vancouver Canucks hard. There just wasn't a heck of a lot of time to blog.

As far as my training goes, working hard and supporting the Canucks hard has certainly NOT been beneficial to my training.

The working bit resulted in my losing quite a bit of structure in the workouts and even missing some.

As for supporting the Canucks, this has taken a serious toll on my weight. With all the beer and pub-grub.

I don't even know my current weight and am not terribly likely to stand on the scale anytime soon. Let's just say that it is painfully obvious that it is much higher than it should be.

So what were some of the highlights since April 30?

Some of the above I still have to blog about and will do that! Really!

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