Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kick Ass Delta Tri

Raced a really nice sprint distance triathlon in Ladner (Delta, BC) today: 700 meter pool swim, 20k mostly flat bike, and 5k pancake flat run.

I finished in 1:11:23 and overall this could be considered a personal best for sprint triathlons for me. Although with sprint distance tri's this is always such a thing... you cannot really compare the different races as they never really are the same -- except of course the same race from one year to the next as long as the race course hasn't changed. Other than that you have pool vs. open water swims, different distances in the swim and bike and sometimes even the run, and completely different distances from the water to the transition area, and so on.

For instance I had a slightly faster run at the Subaru Vancouver Tri one 2 years ago and most likely a faster bike at the North Shore Spring Tri also in 2009 -- although it might have been faster transitions.

But overall timing wise this was my fastest posted time -- and I finished 2nd in my age group. See there is an advantage sliding into the geezer category... :-)

Anyway, my times today were 0:12:29 for the Swim | 0:03:41 in T1 | 0:31:51 on the Bike | 0:01:29 in T2 | 0:21:53 on the Run for a 1:11:23 Final Time.

All of the Right Shoe athletes did really well and four of us ended up in the top 3 of our respective age group categories!

Myself, Leigh, Esther, Danny

Thanks for checking in! 

PS: Yea, I know I haven't posted any week in reviews recently... have honestly been too lazy. I am sure I'll post one again some time soon. 

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