Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 8+9/34 in Review

Oh Dear! Well that didn't last long until I skipped a week. I guess I'll be calling this "Build Cycle In Review" instead then. The last two weeks the intensity picked up notably and I am really ready for a recovery week next week.

Strange thing is that although the workload did markedly go up -- Training Stress Scores of 648 and 971 respectively  -- my weight really has not dropped one bit. In fact it slightly crept up by almost one half pound (average for the week) from the end of the last recovery week. I am not going to stress and/or obsess over this as I know that I have made some, err, questionable nutritional choices along the way that included Red Wine, Guinness, and Poutine among other things. Discipline in that area is something I am still severely lacking!

Mondays: Rest days as usual with week 8 being also a recovery from the half marathon and illness.

Tuesdays: I have taken to skip the Dolphins on Tuesday for good now and am going to the Y instead. Evenings with The Right Shoe for the group run: week 8 hills and week 9 tempo. This last Tuesday I had also strength training with my coach to update my program and fine-tune it.

Wednesdays: Bricks in the evening but due to life-getting-in-the-way I skipped the run this Wednesday. So I guess it really wasn't a brick then but rather just a bike. It was supposed to get really cold and windy so I brought my bike and trainer into the living room and watched "In Bruges" (love that flick!) on my laptop.

Thursdays: Both weeks I went to the Dolphins in the morning and The Right Shoe spin class in the evening. I enjoy the Dolphins so much more now that I am only going once a week! And I always love our spin classes.

Fridays: Last week I ran around False Creek to the Y in the morning and then did the strength session. Week 8 I tweaked my groin a bit by having been a little too aggressive with the loaded squats and so I didn't want to aggravate it any further and decided to skip the run. Good call too as it cleared up pretty quickly over the next few days.

Saturday: Both weeks we rode indoors at the Peak Centre for Human Performance on their CompuTrainers on various sections of the IMC course -- 3:20 and 3:45 hours respectively -- and followed it up with a short 15 minute brick run. Also on both weeks I went swimming afterwards. On week 8 with my swim coach Janka. She has really great feedback and while I think I am right now getting slower, I am also a lot more aware of what I am doing in the water. Especially after she video recorded a few goes... SHOCKING! Say no more... I am planning on another session with her next week.

Sundays: Long runs with The Right Shoe as usual -- 2:30 and 2:45 respectively. Week 8 was interesting as we had a quite a bit of snow which made for interesting footing.

Weekly Stats: 

  • About 15 and 16.5 hours respectively out of the 17 planned hours completed. 
  • Average weight for the weeks was: 200.3 and 200.7 lbs respectively. Which is down nada - nix - nothing - riente from the week prior. In fact as mentioned above, week 9 is 0.4 lbs up. 
  • Average Body Fat % for the weeks is 21.0 and 21.1% respectively. Again, pretty steady. 

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