Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 10/34 in Review


Great recovery week - too bad it is over.

Although weight wise I have not been doing well over the last three weeks and especially not this last week. While in the other two weeks I didn't really lose any weight, in this past week I actually gained some. I am not going to whine about it as I know the root cause quite well: simply lack of dietary discipline. Not more or less than that. So when it comes to nutrition and weight management I am more often than not my own worst enemy.

Training wise I only missed one swim with the Dolphins but made up for it (a tiny bit in any case) with riding my bike in absolutely shit conditions to the spin class on Thursday night.

Monday: Rest Day!

Tuesday: Had to work really early and decided to leave work early as well and went swimming for an hour just before the run with the Right Shoe. For the run we had intervals on the program: warm up followed by ABC's and two sets of 75 meter strides. Then 8 x 1 minute in zone 5 with 2 minute recoveries.

Wednesday: A great day to become a Canadian Citizen! I took the day off from work and went to the Y for an easy weight session. Then off to the citizenship ceremony followed by an easy one hour spinning. The evening reserved for celebrating my new Canadianess.

Thursday: No way that I could have gone swimming in the morning after the amount of celebrating the night before. Just enough time to make it to my early morning meetings at work. In the evening I rode my bike in gale force winds and pouring rain to the Riley Park Community Centre for the Right Shoe spin class. I figured that riding the bike there and back in those conditions just made up a little for the missed swim. Actually Esther was too busy at work and stood me up with the car so I had no choice, but I still took the bike :-)

Friday: I was supposed to take the morning off or just do some stretching but nob that I am, I did not read my training program properly and ended up doing light strength work. Doh! Oh well. I also ran to the Y beforehand but that actually was on the program.

Saturday: Indoor TT at the Peak Centre. Danny kicked my arse over the 15.75 km -hilly!- course by one minute. But I improved my previous time by 1.5 minutes and finished in something like 27.5 minutes. 33.3 km/h and ~ 260 watts average. In the afternoon I met again with Janka for another swim lesson. This time focusing on a timely roll and earlier breath while still keeping it nice and long and relaxed and completing a full circle with the shoulders in the recovery. Eventually I will nail this swimming thing!
Update on TT data: I forgot to hit the lap button at the start so I have to guess-timate it somewhat on the graph, but based on that I averaged 272 watts and 34.4 km/h and 89 RPM with an 7.19% HR decoupling over the 27:30 minutes and 15.75 km distance. 
Sunday: Lost an hour sleep due to the daylight savings time thingy. Not Happy! But we only had an easy Zone 1 1:50 hour run without any hills or tempos. After the run we met with Lawrence to catch up on his recovery progress and all sort of other things. And we also dropped by the Pacific Centre Mall where the Ride2Survive gang had a spin-a-thon set up to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. My buddy Alex was on his second 4-hr shift over the weekend. Great work guys!!

Weekly Stats: 

  • Planned: 11 hours - Actuals: a little over 9.5 hours with the missing swim on Thursday being the culprit. 
  • Average weight was 202.1 lbs and with that 1.4 lbs higher than the previous week. 
  • Average body fat %-age went in sync with the wight and at 21.3% was 0.2% higher. 

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