Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Neat Nuggets

Here are a few neat nuggets I came across recently.

This one made me laugh. Well, I know it really shouldn't - in fact it should make me cringe and that it did a little bit too. My training buddy Esther (as in Esther Lee - not to be confused with my wife Esther who really isn't all that much into triathlon stuff) posted some of her experiences at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre pool on her blog.  Go ahead, read all about "weirdos" at the pool

Swimming being my nemesis, I am always on the lookout for information on how to get better at it. Usually hoping for a Silver Bullet and then settling for any good tip. This video is great! Five Essential Swim Drills

Via Stewart on Twitter: "The actual dataviz of that German MP who got Deutsche Telekom to hand over his GPS data: http://bit.ly/hBwRxp Fascinating (and a bit scary)."

Via my physio Timberly on Twitter: "#Run today? Or a good 'ole dose of heroin? I'll chose the run thanks. http://fb.me/VY9r8Mqt RT: @BMOVanMarathon @CardeaHealth #don'tdodrugs"

I am a bit of a fan of the sitcom "Outsourced" and know that a lot of people find this show not politically correct enough - to say the least. I am OK if you don't like it because it is not well enough acted or the jokes are not funny or whatnot. But please don't say that we can not make a little fun of any specific group of people in a kind and well-meaning way. In its own way every sitcom does exactly that. So, please Don't Hate Outsourced!

One of my training buddies with The Right Shoe tri club is Amanda. She and her fiancĂ©e Mike just did the ultimate crazy thing: they run 45km in Yellowknife - the Frostbite 45. An adventure that apparently included "Icicles On My Eyelashes" (well, hers - not mine thankyouverymuch)

One of our other training buddies is Kelli. And I just found out that Kelli made the "Athlete Video" for the 2009 Oliver Half Iron. 2009 was also my first time participating in that event. Great video and great event!

That's all for now. Have a great week all!

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