Sunday, March 6, 2011

February Details

Just to go further along in the stats that I like so much, here are a few numbers for the month of February.

  • Weight: from 206.6 lbs on 01-Feb to 201.6 on 28-Feb - down by 5 lbs
  • Calories: net 16,842 consumed more than burned assuming a 1,981 cal RMR per day
  • TSS: 583 (average)
  • Workouts: 51.5 hours

The funny thing is that I seem to have consumed just shy of 17,000 calories more than I have burned in the month of February. Assuming that each pound we gain or shed is worth 3,500 calories, I should have gained 5 pounds and instead I lost 5 pounds. Hey! Not that I am complaining, but it does mean that I am severely over-reporting my intake, or severely under-reporting my expenditure. Both of which I really don't believe. I need to look into that.

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