Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a crazy recovery week

Somehow the recovery week just past did not leave me recovered. Mentally, yes, I am recovered as I tried to be all stress free and made sure that I have plenty of sleep. But physically... not at all. 

It all started with me teaching late on Monday night and then being too tired on Tuesday morning for the swim practice. And although I promised myself that I would not obsess and feel guilty over missed practices, since this was the second session in a row I missed I did feel guilty. 

Tuesday evening at the run with the The Right Shoe run clinic I talked to our coach Lara about it and about making up for it the next day. Wednesday was strength training day but with reduced weights and less sets. So with the 'spare time' I could jump in the pool... She OK'd a short 30 min swim and that is what I did. Then at lunch I came back for another 30 min swim. 

On Thursday I managed not to bail on the swim with the Dolphins -- whoohoo! Special me! And in the evening we did the Right Shoe spin class. 

Friday was supposed to be a day off as part of the recovery week but I felt that I still had to exorcise the swim daemons and went back to the Y once more in the afternoon for a 45 min swim that too left me tired and yet utterly unfulfilled. Swimming and I... oh well, I am going to leave that sad story for another blog post. 

Saturday I was scheduled for a lactate threshold test at the Peak Centre for Human Performance. I was well rested and well nourished. And before you ask, properly nourished as well! Although short, those tests tend to be pretty hard -- harder than one would normally associate with a recovery week. 

Sunday then we would normally have a nice-n-easy zone 1 for 75 minutes... except those of us who are signed up for the First Half had to go for 2 hours with the final 30 minutes at goal race pace. Dang! So much for the recovery week... 

I am almost looking forward to this build week :-) 

But as coach Lara said this morning when I told her how I felt about the recovery week: "Oh, so you sabotaged the recovery week on your own?" Trust her to tell it as it is! 

PS: late teaching yesterday made me bail on swimming again this morning. As I said more on the Klaus-Swimming-Relationship later. 

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