Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6/34 in Review

What a colossal blow-out!

This week can be wrapped up in one word: sick. Started to get a cold last weekend and have been nursing it the entire week. On Thursday and especially Friday I pretty much had no voice whatsoever.

But at least the WiR is going to write itself quickly:

Monday: rest day as per schedule and class until late in the evening.

Tuesday: no swim in the morning and no run in the evening. Class in the afternoon.

Wednesday: no workout in the morning to catch up on work and class in the afternoon. At home I had to do some exercise and decided I do what is on the program: indoor brick 70 / 20 minutes.

Thursday: no swim in the morning but the spin class in the evening with The Right Shoe. Class in the afternoon again.

Friday: Nothing in the morning except for sleeping and continue to fight the cold. Last class in the afternoon. No workout in the evening either.

Saturday: 2:15 hr indoor trainer ride with Gen and Lawrence in Gastown (while watching Kill Bill) to escape the pouring rain and try to not get much sicker. After that I picked up my race number and t-shirt for Sunday's First Half. Dinner at home and to bed early to make sure that I have plenty of rest. When I finally fell asleep amids all the coughing and not really being all that tired, the house fire alarm went off at 11:30-ish! AARRGGHH! Thankfully it was established quickly that it was a false alarm and we were let in quickly again. So I had to try and fall back asleep amids all the coughing -- now at least I was tired.

Note to the ass-clown pulling the fire alarm: I hope you get afflicted with seriously itchy and burning hemorrhoids and can't get rid of them for 7 years! 

Sunday: Woke up again at 4:00 AM for another session of a real good coughing fest before getting up at 6:00 AM. Didn't feel terribly rested but good enough to give it a fair go at the First Half. And that turned out pretty good. Even had energy to waste in the afternoon.

Weekly Stats: 
  • 14.5 hours total planned training with less than 7 hours actually completed.
  • Average weight for the week: 202.3 lbs which is down by 2 lbs from the previous week. 
  • Average Body Fat % for the week: 21.6% which is down by 0.7% from the previous week.

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