Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 5/34 in Review

My official Training Program for Ironman Canada lasts 34 weeks. From January 3 until Race Day on August 28, 2011.

The week ending today was week 5 and I decided that I'll try to write a "Week in Review" each week. Realistically I'll probably miss a week here and there, but I shall make a good attempt in any case.

This week was a week that is best be quickly forgotten and put behind me. Here is how it went:

Monday: rest day with class running late and not able to get to bed at any reasonable time.

Tuesday: I mentioned already my strained relationship with and attitude to swimming in several previous posts. Add to that being tired and it was too easy to bail on the Dolphin swim practice. Also, every 4 weeks on Tuesday mornings I see my coach and personal trainer Lara Penno to update my strength program. This Tuesday was that day and I would have to leave the Dolphins early in any case. Instead I went straight to Momentum Fitness to meet with Lara at 7:00 AM. I am really happy with the updates we made and am excited to execute over the next Wednesdays and Fridays. In the evening we had The Right Shoe group run where we did Zone 5 intervals. Tough but good!

Wednesday: As I did my strength training with Lara the day before I decided to lie in again instead of going for stretches and foam rolling to the Y. In the evening it was an hour easy ride on the trainer with a 20 minute brick on the treadmill. Easy but decent enough.

Thursday: Oh well... another dropped Dolphin practice. But at least I went to the YWCA for an hour of swimming over lunch. In the evening we had The Right Shoe spin class at the Riley Community Centre. Some more Zone 5 work for me. I almost puked after the 3rd and 4th set of 2 min... After recovery I re-joind the group in the tempo. Great workout!

Friday: New strength program at the Y in the morning. Really like this program compared to the last one. But that is always like that... some programs are more fun than others. Just after lunch I went for an easy 45 minute run including lateral drills and strides. On the way back I used the opportunity to re-calibrate my Garmin 310XT based on satellite reception. The default calibration setting is 1,000; after I calibrated it once with an easy jog twice around the track it calibrated to 1,035; after Friday's satellite calibration it changed to 1,115. Need to check this with other's peoples pace in a run to see what is closest.

Saturday: The weather forecast for Saturday predicted rain and since our friend Lawrence broke another bone in his wrist and was to condemned to the trainer, Gen and I decided to keep him company and do a 2 hour trainer ride at his place instead of the prescribed 3 hours outside. In the end the weather was perfect for riding outside and Gen bailed as she got sick. Still it was all planned and so Lawrence and I still did the trainer ride. Two hours on the trainer is a really long time and to pass time we watched Run Lola Run. Great flick! And there was also a very short (10 min) brick on my plan and so off I went for a quick jog around East Gastown. Oh yea... and I bailed on the Dolphins for the 3rd and final time this week.

Sunday: Today would have been a 2 hour easy run on the plan but since we ran longer the last two weeks and are now quasi tapering for next weeks First Half, we only went for 1:10 hours in the pouring rain. I had my swim gear with me in case I would decide to go to the Y after the run. But I think I am coming down with a cold and at the coffee after the run Brian told me about a good halibut recipe he did last night and instead of swimming I went to Granville Island to buy some halibut and stop by Oyama Sausage for various delicious cold meats.

Weekly Stats: 

  • 13.5 hours total planned training with 10.5 actually completed.
  • Average weight for the week: 204.3 lbs which is up by 0.6 lbs from the previous week (ouch!)
  • Average Body Fat % for the week: 22.3% which is up by 0.4% from the previous week.

Moroccan Halibut (or some variation of this) it is for tonight's dinner. Yum! Looking forward to it.Also looking forward to a hopefully more consistent and productive training week with better weight stats at the end of it. Although I have quite a bit on my plate next week aside from training and we'll have to see how everything shakes out.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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