Thursday, February 10, 2011

That Felt Great!

Being down with a cold sucks! Really!!

And yes, I realize that things like real injuries and diseases suck much more and it is all a matter of perspective.

But nevertheless... I started to come down with a cold on Saturday and it got progressively worse. So the short 1:10 hr run on Sunday was the last exercise I did until last night. That is 72+ hours of sedentary, lame-ass feelin'-sorry-for-myself downtime.

So last night I decided I would do my scheduled brick workout nonetheless. 1:10 hr on the trainer on the (covered) balcony followed by a short 20 min run on the treadmill. All nice 'n' easy mind you! Low zone 1. Listening well to Coach Lara here.

OMG! This felt soo good. I didn't want to come off the bike and then didn't want to stop running! But I did only work the scheduled time and did not go overboard.

And I am glad I didn't as I am feeling... well, at least not better today. But hey! For just that little bit yesterday it was all worth it.

Lara did say I should continue to stay out of the pool and since I had early meetings and am sharply behind at work in any case, this was not difficult to adhere to.

Tonight I *will* go to The Right Shoe Spin Class, but again stay in zone 1 -- easy all the way. Maybe I just want to go to show off my LunaTik watch :-)

Yes! You read correctly... My LunaTik watch arrived today and I'll see it when I get home. Sooo happy.

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  1. Ironman training means Ironman cold.

    Everyone's getting sick! caitlyn, u, gen, me...who else?