Thursday, February 3, 2011

My strained relationship with swimming

Swimming and I are going through a rough patch in our relationship at this time. To the point where I am looking for any and all excuses to stay away from it. Fortunately (unfortunately?) those excuses come aplenty!

Last week I bailed on a few scheduled swims only to try and make up for them in some crazy ass way. This week I have already skipped both the Tuesday and today's swim practice with the Dolphins. And I am not overly hopeful for Saturday... Although I did make up a little bit for it by swimming at the YWCA today for an hour over lunch.

I am really not motivated to swimming as I am getting slower with every day going by it seems. And yes, I get that with the improvements that I am presumably making, it is quite normal to regress somewhat before finally improving.

Every time I do swim I am very conscientious that I am applying what my swim coach Janka tells me. But patience has never been my strong suit.

Last Thursday at the Dolphins I got dropped by the lady in my lane who the day before sprained her ankle! Oh brother... that foot was all black and blue and looked painful and she was clearly very uncomfortable. Still, she had no problems swimming away form me like I was standing still. (Super props to her for toughing it out. I wish I had her grit and determination!)

So there it is: Me + Swimming ≠ Valentines exactly.

I realize that I need to suck it up and get back with the program next week. Saturday though... we'll see.

Or as my buddy Lawrence put it: "Klaus - get your arse back in the pool!"

Off to The Right Shoe spin class now. At least I really enjoy that :-)

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