Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holy Energy Batman!

Where does this come from all of a sudden! Maybe its the 2XU compression tights I am wearing after the race.

After I finished the First Half half marathon I stuck around the Roundhouse with my buddies Tracy and Kevin for almost two hours until the end of the draw prizes and awards and whatnot. None of us won anything. Dang!

Then home to take a long and hot shower and a little bit of a rest.

Next I went to Costco to stock up on some staples and stuff. Took me 3 trips back to the car to get everything back up. Well, I wasn't schlepping heavy either to be honest.

When I started to put the groceries away I decided to clean the kitchen top to bottom including a full base clean of the fridge! Yes, including the seal in the door.

By now it is almost two blog posts and a change to the header later and I am ready to cut up the pineapple I bought.

Somebody stop me!! Or I'll need a compression touque as well.

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