Friday, January 21, 2011

Shut Up For One Minute!

No, really! Just for one minute if you please.

This is what I wanted to yell at our tri coach at the end of the tempo segment of our spin class today.

Now don't get me wrong! I love our coach Lara Penno with The Right Shoe Tri Club. I have trained with her for my running for over 5 years and for triathlon now in the 3rd year. She is great and really gets people to achieve their desired goals. Couldn't - wouldn't! - ask for a nicer coach!

So here is the scenario:
Long and proper warm warm up at our Thursday night spin class. Then we are doing a 20 min tempo. Now I am no slouch and when we say we do tempo, I will do tempo and push it.

Enter Lara. She does what a good spin instructor is supposed to do: provide the music - check; start out by giving the instructions for the set - check; then provide feedback and motivation throughout the set - check check check check ... !

See I didn't so much mind and was able to basically not hear what I didn't want to hear in the first ten minutes. But towards the end, all I could hear was "stay strong keep up your cadence focus nice big circles focus keep up your stay cadence strong stay nice big circles ... " On and on and on - not a minute or even 30 seconds went by without some razzmatazz! I couldn't take it!

And all I wanted to do... is, well, focus! And stay strong. And keep up my cadence. And pedal nice big circles.

Well, we all survived and the dozen + people there aside from me I am sure appreciated her feedback and motivation. It was just that I was in my typical negative mood that I tend to get into when the lactate mmol/l accumulation gets a bit high.

This negative mindset is really something I need to speak to with a Sports Psychologist - Roger Friesen - who spoke at The Right Shoe this week before the Tuesday Run Clinic. Not helpful to my performance and certainly not fair to our coach during spinning :-)

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