Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Bathed With Santa Claus

Ewww! That did not sound right... In fact you may not want your kids to read this or they are going to be turned off Christmas / Santa for the rest of their lives. Come to think of it, it turns me of Christmas...

Perhaps I better explain quickly then!

Some of the stocking stuffers I got for Christmas from Esther were bath bombs from Lush. One was shaped in the form of Santa Claus and was all red.

Today @LawrenceGrigg, Gen, Grant, Alex, Jason, and I went for a 3:20 bike ride to Horseshoe Bay and back with the add-on up Spanish Banks Hill and back via Chancellor.

Once I was home I was in need for a relaxing soak in the tub. I decided to use one of the bath bombs and chose the Santa shaped one. The other are just plain round. It fizzed and bubbled and turned to water all red. Kinda looked like I was bathing in a tub of cranberry cocktail.

In the end it did have the desired effect of relaxing and me and putting me in a nice a mellow state before we headed out to meet our friends Flora and Chris for dinner at their house.

Dinner was as always plenty and absolutely delicious! We had pork shoulder roasted with a chipotle sauce, roasted potatoes, steamed carrots, and salad. Flora brings the chipotles from Mexico every time she goes home and I the lucky guy who ends up scoring a few cans as well :-)

Add to the dinner some awesome tequila and plenty of cerveza and good company and the evening was a hit!

Not so hot is the idea that I have to get up at around 6:00 AM tomorrow err later today to go running with The Right Shoe Marathon Clinic at 8:00 AM for a 1:45 run. And since I am leading one of the pace groups I cannot bail on it as easily as I did on my swim this morning at 6:30... (and for full disclosure... I am quite tentative as to whether I am going to make up for the swim tomorrow - actually I will probably not!)

Anyway, time for bed so I am not a complete basket case later today!


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