Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am such a dolt!

First I had to get up at 6:00 AM for a meeting at work at 7. So I figured I do the meeting and then leave for the YWCA for my strenght training right after.

So why did I set my alarm for 5:00?? What a knob!

Anyway, now I am futzing around with the alarm clock in the dark (it's a really old analog kind with the stuff that makes the hands glow (phosphor?) long since worn off) trying to set it to 6am.

Of course I am not quickly falling asleep again and when I did the alarm went off again and it was 5:24. WTF??

Well, I may as well get up... A venti-non-fat-no-foam-pike-place-misto from Starbucks on the way to work and I was ready! It was a great meeting too in which we got a lot accomplished in little time.

Now it was off to the Y to build some serious muscles! Or maybe not so serious... not sure.

And what do I realize in the change room as soon as I took my shoes off? I FORGOT MY GYM SHOES AGAIN! ARGH!

As I was not about to work out in dress shoes, I re-jigged my program quicly so that I could do most, if not all of the exercises, in the studio instead of the weight room. You see, in the studio its OK to be barefooted/in socks - they just don't like it in the weight room for the obvious injury/liability reasons.

Thankfully the studio was available at that time and so I got a good workout in nonetheless. Albeit with a modified program -- but better than nothing.

My goal for tonight is to ride 1hr on the trainer at pretty much exactly my mid zone 1 heart rate. Then see how the power relates to that. Ideally it should be a pretty even line to the heart rate. Although I suspect it won't be... Stay tuned.

After the ride I'll do a 20min brick on the treadmill.

Good times!

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