Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ironman Canada 2011

On August 29th this year we went to Penticton, BC to watch the Ironman Canada race. But we also volunteered at the event which put us in the priority line-up on Monday to register for next year's race. And that we did! YAY!! 

I am totally excited and quite in awe of the event. Having seen some of the athletes come in anywhere from 10 (and the winners are obviously faster than that but I was on shift until the 10hr marker) to 17 hours is amazing. Of course I have time goals in mind for myself, but frankly I have no idea yet how realistic they are... 

For now I enjoy the idea that I will be participating in this awesome event and not think too hard and in detail of what my training plan will look like. Right now I am concentrated on getting ready for the Portland Marathon on 10-10-10. There I hope to finally improve on my personal best marathon time of 3:38 as by next year I cannot in good conscious use that time as a PB any longer... it is four years old this year and getting close to its best-before date. 

My training buddies Lawrence and Gen are already deep into the detailed training plan development, but I need to compartmentalize or I go nuts. Sure I know the key milestones:  training start in mid November, First Half Marathon in February, Oliver Half Ironman in early June, perhaps a training camp around that time, and maybe even an early-year triathlon (Delta Tri maybe?) but that's about it. 

I'll work on the details in the 2nd recovery week after Portland and get serious with the training around November 15. Until then it is running focused with just enough swimming and biking to not get completely rusty. 

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