Monday, July 14, 2008

My First Ocean Swim Triathlon

I am so glad that Lara got me into Triathlons! Initially I just signed up for the Sprint Distance Clinic because I thought I get a to learn how to swim better, but I was not super keen on the whole Triathlon bit. I knew how to "not drown" -- I really didn't know how to swim. Well, actually, I thought I was better than I really turned out to be. Urgh!

As we started the training I totally got to super enjoy the variety of the training. And once I completed the first sprint distance race in May I was hooked! Don't get me wrong... I still love the Marathon and the strict road races! But there is something about Triathlon races that makes them so much more interesting. Maybe it is all the things you have to think about - so many different areas where you can fail. With running a lot of things can go wrong too; they are all somehow connected though. In Triathlons you not only have to do well in three disciplines, rather you have to do well in five disciplines! And trust me... I suck in the transitions!! Especially from swim to bike.

Also, I got a loaner bike from my friend Tim. It's a really cool Masi Team 3V road bike. I added some aero bars and it totally rocks!

Yesterday I completed my second sprint distance tri -- my first one with an open water swim. We had practised open water and wet suit swimming before, but having people swim into you, over you, bump you, kick you, and you do the same to them is something completely different.

My time yesterday did not materially improve from my first tri in May - in fact it remained almost exactly the same. The swim pace was something like 3s/100m faster, the bike was almost bang-on the same, and the run was a bit faster but still slower that I should be able to run. The transitions were a complete and utter disaster! I could not get my wetsuit off at first, then I could not get my socks on until I gave up and sat down and in the bike/run transition I started running out of the transition zone without my bib on and had to run back to put it on. Doh!!

The race overall felt somehow much better though. I am not sure why that was. Maybe because I was more prepared or the weather was so nice. Maybe the race course was so much nicer? Or maybe it was because it was an open water swim - I really quite enjoyed that.

My next Tri: Multi Sports Canada Vancouver Triathlon on September 1, 2008 in Stanley Park. This time the full Olympic distance. The first two sprints were just to get used to the whole idea. For this race I want to have a goal! I am thinking the following:
Swim: 30 min for the 1.5k - 2:00min/100m pace
T1: certainly less than 3 minutes!
Bike: 1:15 for the 37.6k - averaging 30km/h
T2: I have to be able to do that under a minute!
Run: I'd like to go for a 45min 10k but that might be stretching it - I am happy even with a 48min
Total: 2:37 -- OK, so anything under 2:40!

Let's see how I can swing that.