Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spinich Sage Ricotta Ravioli

I feel like making pasta today. Tomorrow I am going to participate in the 10k "My First Trail Race" at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver. So naturally I want to have a pasta dinner tonight. I love making my own pasta and I prefer ravioli as regular pasta almost does not seem worth the trouble of making the dough.

This morning I made the dough and then went to the market where I got, among other things, some spinach, sage, and ricotta. The combination of spinach and sage frankly seems a bit odd to me, but both sort of jumped out at me and so I thought 'what the heck'. I'll update the post later to write how it ended up.

When I got home I washed and dried the spinach and sauteed some shallots and garlic before wilting the spinach in the pan. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and nutmeg and fresh chiffonade of the sage added to it, the spinach mixture is now cooling. I'll then finely chop the mixture before adding some ricotta to it.

When this is all done I'll make a good batch of ravioli for some time next week and probably will make some simple thin noodles for tonight for which I am planning some sort of Arrabiata sauce with it - but not too spicy as I don't want to have an all funky tummy running in the North Shore Trails tomorrow ;-)

Now I need to get some eggs and cooking wine and continue cooking. More later...

UPDATE March 23: I The spinach with the sage went really well. But I had too much filling and so I made all raviolis and not regular pasta. With it I made a light arrabiata (style) sauce which was delicious but maybe overpowered the raviolis a bit.