Friday, September 28, 2007

The loneliness of a marathoner's wife

So Esther gets home last night from some four days in Niagara Falls where she was attending a seminar. As usual when one gets home from a few days away - especially if it is in the evening - the various artifacts of travel are strewn around the kitchen and other areas of the home.

This morning, as my usual routine approaches making my breakfast, I notice a newspaper clipping on the kitchen counter. It had the word "marathon" in the title, so naturally I gravitated to it... "The loneliness of the marathoner's wife" it reads.

Of course I read it over cereal with banana and fruit & veggie juice!!

It really was kind of funny - and yes, we (my marathon buddies and I) all are going to be able to draw parallels. And it makes me wonder if I am really that nutty myself, and, perhaps most important, why I don't want to change one bit. And I wonder if it was left there for me to find on purpose...

Here is the article - enjoy: The loneliness of a marathoner's wife

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