Sunday, June 25, 2006

One Hot Run

Today was the Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon. And it was one hot day - something like near 30º Celsius inland and seemingly not much less near the water. Thankfully the organizers had the foresight to move the start time up by half an hour to 7:00 AM. Nonetheless, I run better in cold rain than I do in heat I think.

I also think that I am generally better suited to run marathons than I am to run shorter distances. Even though this may not be an entirely fair statement, as I have not really specifically trained very well for halfs in two years. The last two half marathons have been about seven weeks after I ran a - successful - marathon. Last year in November in Seattle after the early October Victoria Marathon, and today the VSHM after the Vancouver Marathon on May 7.

My time today was 1:46:18 which is exactly 23 seconds slower than my previous personal best time of 1:45:55 - also at the VSHM in 2004. By which time I had not done any full marathons yet, and trained (as it were) specifically for the half distance.

My dream goal today was 1:40. Achieving this would have given me a huge amount of confidence that I can do a 3:30 full marathon in the Fall. This in turn would put me on the right track to get a Boston qualifying time of 3:20 next year in the Fall. But never mind that now... My real goal - the one I set my paceband to - was 1:42. And finally my "C" goal was beating my previous personal best. Well, I managed none of them... and this really pisses me off!

In the end I can not blame much more than my own inability. I was well rested, felt good, was ready and keen to go, and yet... Well, I think I could blame the heat and the proximity to my last marathon, but that seems a little lame. So, I'll just have to work a little harder on my shorter distances. More speedwork and less bitchin' when I do do speedwork. SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!!

So here now a some positive words about the half today:
  • The weather was absolutely gorgeous!
  • Lots of cheering people out on the course for support.
  • It is still the most scenic Half I can possibly imagine. From UBC down to Second Beach.
  • It is still (and I am so going to get in trouble with my wife for this who I know sometimes reads these postings) the one race in Vancouver with absolutely the greatest number of stunningly beautiful young women in it -- and that makes any run so much more enjoyable. (Though after about 10k I couldn't care less even if Claudia Schiffer was to be running naked in front of me.)
My next race is planned for July 22 - the Summerfast 10k. A race around the Seawall in Vancouver. And of course I am hoping to break 44 minutes for a new 10k PR.

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