Monday, January 30, 2006

Why I Cook

Why do I cook?
Well, truth be told, I am not cooking all that much anymore. But the longer I am out of the profession, the more I seem to enjoy cooking again. And it sure has been a long time since I stopped cooking for a living. I came to Canada as a chef on April 1 (insert your silly April Fools joke here if you must), 1993. I secured a job with the Four Seasons in Vancouver before I arrived and stayed with them for about a year.

With my friend and fellow chef Peter Sturm whom I met at the Four Seasons we decided to open a Billiard Cafe in New Westminster. During the five years we operated The Black Dog Billiard Cafe I still did some cooking for the Cafe's menu.

When, after five years, we decided to call it quits, it also meant the end of me as a professional chef. I got hooked on the Internet and started building a career in the web development field.

So, as I said, the longer I have been away from cooking professionally, the more I enjoy it again. It has now been seven years since the end of the Black Dog and twelve years since the end of the Four Seasons. Cooking is fun again!

I now cook mostly for my great wife Esther either when it is my turn during the week (oh yes! we have a strict schedule of who's turn it is when) and for special occasion. I really like to do a big production cooking on the rather rare occasions when we have friends over.

Maybe one day I'll add a recipie section to this blog.

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